Monday, 12 January 2015


I have been so sick of my lamp for so long. But haven't been able to find one that I thought was worth the money. And due to the time of year am a bit more hard up money wise.
But sorting through my draws and found some material I liked and thought ooh that might revamp my lamp. So I cut it to size and ironed it to make it neat. And then just wrapped it around the lamp and used running stich to hold the material on.

I am more then happy with it.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Flawless finish

Manuka doctor
Apirefine flawless

When it says flawless it means it. Simply apply to the face like you would a normal primer. Then apply your top layer be it foundation or CC cream. I can assure you that you can see and feel the difference. Flawless works it magic to give you a smooth and even finish. Not only does it help the foundation sit better it also helps it hold better. Now that I have used this product I wouldn't be without it. You cover your whole face with only one pump, so don't let the size of the bottle put you
off it  really does go a long way.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

It's been and gone and I for one Loved it!

I love Christmas so much. I have been shopping since the last week in October. For two reasons for this, one because I have lots of friends and family with birthdays at the end of the year, also because if you do it all in December. Your paycheck from that month doesn't go very far.
I am so organised so around Christmas time I have lots of lists. One of people and with presents and if they have arrived yet and wether or not they have been wrapped. Yer a bit over the top I know. But helps makes me feel like I am getting lots done.

So here are a few presents that I bought that I knew would be greatly received.

I bought my step father a bee house. Yup bees not birds. I knew he would like it as we get a lot of bees in our garden. What sometimes happens with the bees is they give them selves a kind of sunstroke from sitting in the sun to long. So this is where my step father comes in, when the bee are to weak to fly off on there own my step father gets honey on a pin and gives it to the bee. Then it takes the honey from the pin (you can see the tiny tongue poking in and out) and after a minute or so the bee flys away. So knew my step father would love the bee house.

I as you know am a hairdresser so lots of my friends and family get hair products for Christmas. This is not just because I love products but also because I see something or read about something and think ooh that will be perfect for so and so. 
So when I heard about this new product from L'Oreal professionnel. That was making a big differences to hair making it thicker and fuller. Of course I was a bit suspicious sounded to good to be true. So I spoke to people who had used it and tried it on a couple of my own clients. I loved it and so did they. So I had to get it for my mum. 

I knew she would love it as she had been using the L'Orèal fibrology and kept telling me how wonderful it was. So secretly was like woohoo she is going to love the professionnel version even more.

Serioxyl is a new range from L’Oréal Professionnel to create beautiful hair that looks thicker and denser.
This is a fantastic range. So from left to right you have a step one,two and three. They are a cleansing shampoo, conditioner and mousse. Then the blue bottle is denser hair a product design to encourage new hair to grow. We all know that hair falls out and grows back, but did you know that some hair follicles can lye dormant for 10 years. That's where denser hair comes in, it wakes them up. Then last but not least is thicker hair. Product sort of looks like frog spawn and works like a polifilla going in to the hairs cortex and filling it out. 

The last present wasn't a surprise because it is what my sister wanted. All she wanted was a £10 
donation to the Ebla crisis. So that is what I did. Also got a her a little travel wallet as she is always on the tube.

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Years.

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Want else do you want it to do.

Dr Organic- organic virgin olive oil lip salve.

I love this product because like all of Dr Organic products all the ingredients are organic. This time of year I go through lip salve like no ones business. I have been using this one for days and it doesn't seem to be going down. There are lots of lip salves on the high street. This one is fantastic as it doesn't add a gloss to the lips so suitable for men as well. It just adds a bucket load of moisture to your lips.
I don't no about you but that's what I am after when it comes to lip salve.

Get exclusively at 

Looks and smells like a face cream. With a big difference.

Steam cream.

I like things that are different and steam cream is definitely different. How? Well most creams are made with complex molecules bound together by a powerful emulsifying which means that the cream just sit on the skins surface. Right still with me? So due to steam creams unique steam process the cream goes through the surface of the skin reaching the areas that really need it.
One of the many things I like about this product Is that there are atleast a hundred different designs, one for every mood. This cream really is amazing it is for your face, body and hands. I use it on my face of course but alsodon't laugh, my elbows. Yes i am 22 and I have old lady elbows. Well I did until my sister told me about steam cream.

Magic witch stick- and I don't mean a flying broom

Witch blemish stick

Fantastic product. Very easy to use and small enough to fit in any hand bag. Simply apply to effected area as soon as you notice it, reapply as often as needed. The only warning is for theses with sensitive skin to go careful (but I am sure they hear that all the time) 
This product works really well for me as my skin is quite oily, so I do suffer with spots more then I would like. So being able to just wip this stick out of my bag to cool off one of my mountains is a god send.

Can get at below website. Under £3

Monday, 13 October 2014

For a boost of moisture!

Dr organic Moroccan Argan oil restorative treatment

This product is exactly what it says on the tin it's for dry, dull and damaged hair. My hair goes through a lot, from the heat of blow drying to having highlights every 6 weeks.

Like most good conditioning treatments it's a penatrating conditioner, this just means that the conditioner makes it all the way to the centre of your hair. (This is known as the cortex) whereas everyday conditioners just condition the outer layer of the hair.
One of the best reasons to use this is that all the ingredients are natural not like most things where
you don't recognise half of the ingredients. Something I really love about this product and please
don't laugh, but it's the lid. It is a flap lid; sounds rubbish and nothing to be excited about, however when working with conditioner your hands get ridiculously slippery. So trying to screw on a lid afterwards can be problematic.

After using the product my hair feels fully refreshed. Really clean and the ends of my hair feel so much better and looks lush.